Father’s Advice

Let the universe unfold, your choices have already sprouted in other worlds a million times over. Settle for inaction, it is the glory of not intervening that renders happiness.

I sat on a plain white chair. The day was gray. Those words were written on a dank piece of paper. It was signed. I was puzzled, transfixed on every word. I was trying to analyze the meaning, but it was useless. My friend smiled from across the room.

“That’s my dad’s suicide letter.” he said with a boyish grin. I stared blankly at him. My head twisting to the side, as if to say “why-did-you-just-tell-me-that?”. His dad kills himself and he leaves his son a letter that advocates being lazy and absent?

“The second I read those two sentences, I understood.” The grin was wiped clearly off. The sun’s rays seeped into the room. The sky was a mixture of purple and pink hues. Combined with my friend’s blue eyes, it seemed he was projecting his soul onto me.

“You see, they are a million decisions that led up to this moment. The universe decided for me to be in a world where my father is dead.” He emphasized every single word. He did not let me object.

“And so, I know there is a place where my father is still alive. A million of other places. ” The sun was getting stronger. His father’s wooden carvings  casted shadows over the desk. The letter succumbed to shade.

“So I will do nothing in this life. I will not take any decisions that will benefit or hurt anyone.” He smiled. He truly believed what he was saying. I looked at the door. I nodded to the nurse.

She opened the door for me. I let go of the paper and bid my friend farewell. The door closed behind me, clicks signaled the complexity of the locking mechanism used.

“Maybe, he isn’t so fucked up.” I whispered under my breath. His father died, but elsewhere he was alive. In this universe, he is a son of a dead father. In another, his father embraces him. He choses to live in a world where he could not make any choices, rather, he wished to experience them out of pure odds.


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