So many flaws in your construction
Effortlessly sinking
Easily lacerated
A momentary lapse of reason
Yet you are part of me

How do I part from you
Take my sight
My breath and it’s automation
I might forget to read
The reason is much stronger

A slight pace, repetition is your strength
Absorb from around me, yet you indulge me
Push and pull
Input and output
You are your very own enemy

My mind.
It creates and distorts reality
It creates transitions
It revolves around itself.

Manipulate and be manipulated
Promise me that you won’t remind me
Live in my own world yet connect to what is around me
Captivate your own self

Explicit yet inconspicious
It’s real when you feel it
When your in it
Continuity is your strenght

For it takes madness to realize this
Belief comes from continuity
You are a bomber
You are an enemy of repitition.


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