Lambent Perception

Consideration is a gift, in which she only holds
Nobody really knows, but underneath it all that there is this heart all alone
Her eyes ablaze, she awakens the yearning to appreciate her identity

My mind is never at ease, for her parade of tenderness and show of friendly gestures
Weaken the very fiber of my knees, hard to get up from such a blow, the scent from her perfume fills my body as a comforter.

There’s this world of affection she’s never seen, that offers something she can hold.
The boundaries must be ripped apart, the thick sheet of fear torn to pieces
An ardent breeze will pass through, and will open her eyes to the forbidden fruit

It won’t be long, until she’s exposed, once a diamond in the rough
She now shines with the primordial envy of so many
The ebb and flow of her present crashes upon my heart, consuming it in despair

All at once, she overwhelmed me; I basked in the glory of her touch. It wandered away just like the fresh blooms of summer. Now the frost invades, freezing my love in place, until the next harvest.


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