Silly me for supposing I can be happy

Terribly hard and confusing to understand such a concept

You’re telling me, I can comfortably let go of the rope?

That nothing will happen to me if I just feel that light headed?

One single slip and I am in bliss?

Doesn’t make sense, it really doesn’t.

Must be a trick, it has to be

Nothing is free… Especially happiness, you have to be on guard the whole time

Hell, I learned that in elementary school, the television even casts away such bold statements

Want to be happy? Wear some padding, protection, get ready for the drop so that it doesn’t rip your insides.

But wait… Take one second and understand that maybe, just maybe, that’s the whole point.

A bird is happier because it feels the wind on it’s beak, a horse pulls forwards stronger when not troubled.

You’re supposed to go rollerblading without knee pads.

It’s the anticipation of the drop that drives us.

We’re happy because we haven’t fell yet, we all deserve this loose nirvana.

Just switch the weight around, pedal faster or slower, just make sure of one thing

Remember the peak of the mountain.


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