The room was dark and warm. The sheets fluttered from the constant torrent of wind coming from the ventilator. His eyes were dry while her’s were shut, drifting in her dreams. A slight discomfort from the bed’s robustness sent him turning to his side. His back was faced to hers. He wouldn’t let the loss of her sight sink him into a lonely night. He positioned his foot next to hers. Her physical presence helped his dreams go by faster. A blanket of warmth filled his lungs, the night was just starting, yet he was all ready dreaming. Another bout against comfort, he turned around and faced her. She was smiling in her sleep. Her stomach rising with every delicate breath she inhaled. He wanted to join the paradeĀ of tenderness.. He wanted to be a part of her sleep, the systematic operations that the human body took in order to fall asleep. He wanted to be there when her brain went numb, when her heart slowed down. He wanted to share the sleep she fell into. He titled his head on her heart, his ear positioned directly on it. The room grew larger – the thunderous beat of her heart filled his ear. It felt as if the room was echoing it. During the gradual saunter of her passionate heart, that was on a stroll through his mind, he could sense that his was following suit. His heart was matching hers, they were on a stroll together, holding hands. His ear was echoing two beats intertwined. He smiled and fell right asleep.


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