Company of Heroes 2 Free Beta Key Trick

I love video games and whenever there is an opportunity for others to revel in the excitement, I relish the situation. By following the steps bellow you will be able to have access to the beta build of the game. The latter includes multiplayer and tutorial videos including the new features found in the sequel.

1) Make your way to

2) Put in your birth date

3) Type in your email

4) Proceed to insert one of the following four codes:


5) They will initially not work. Make sure to modify the alphabetical letters until it ends up accepting your code. Example:

U5E9-J22F turns into U5E9-L22C

6) Enter the key in Steam by “Adding a Steam Product

7) Enjoy the beta!

Add me on Steam if you ever want to set up a game!

ID: Shalom3d


How to Pick Up a Freshman in College

  Guys and Girls, you have all been in this situation. You’re dying to go talk to this girl or guy; hopefully exchange numbers and some saliva (don’t deny it.). Well, unfortunately for you, statistics are against you. I’m guessing if you’re reading this you’re the 95% of Men or Women who have confidence issues. Yes girls, guys also have confidence issues. Well, I have great news for whoever is reading this. In life, when you’re handed lemons; you make a Lemon Drop Martini (helps you get cozy and comfortable too!). This time the lemons are your stature. This article is mainly aimed at sophomores or freshmen that know their way around and have that natural killer instinct.  You see having experience on your side is a wildcard in breaking the ice.  Here a few phrases to use when approaching a freshman – remember look confident!

1) You know the school better than anyone else! Go up to the girl/guy and whisper:

“I know this place pretty well; I can find a pretty quiet spot for both of us.” Make sure to wink, it always sells the product better. This should make them laugh, if not, get ready for a nice playful slap that will give you a one-way ticket to the Nurse’s office.

2) After suffering from endless classes with different teachers, you pretty much know how they organize their courses. Ideally, you want to approach someone from the same class or who has had the same teacher as you in the past. Go up to them and say with a big smile on your face: “That teacher always ends class early; we can take advantage of the spare time.”

Once again, tread lightly the goal is to create a reaction. They have to laugh about it, but for people who like to get right to business, I ask:  Why not?

3)  The next one applies to everyone. As College students, 95% of us are concerned with our studies and always complain about our marks. So now let’s say you have broken the ice and you ask for their number and they reply by stating they are not available. Well easy, the dialogue should look like this:

X: “So, let’s exchange numbers and go out sometimes.”

Y: “Sorry, I don’t think my boyfriend/girlfriend would appreciate that.”

X: “I have a Calculus test tomorrow.”

Y: “What are you talking about?!”

X: “Oh sorry, I just thought we were naming things we could cheat on.”

4) The Gym is as very important spot at a College/University and before graduating most people are bound to enter it once or twice. Go up to someone who seems like they need some help and ask them. “I’m pretty sure sex is a great alternative. I can definitely help you out.”

This is foolproof (not really). Go for it, don’t be scared. Confidence is the best pickup line booster.

You have now been armed with little tips and tricks. Remember: with great power comes great responsibility. Good luck and have fun.


Father’s Advice

Let the universe unfold, your choices have already sprouted in other worlds a million times over. Settle for inaction, it is the glory of not intervening that renders happiness.

I sat on a plain white chair. The day was gray. Those words were written on a dank piece of paper. It was signed. I was puzzled, transfixed on every word. I was trying to analyze the meaning, but it was useless. My friend smiled from across the room.

“That’s my dad’s suicide letter.” he said with a boyish grin. I stared blankly at him. My head twisting to the side, as if to say “why-did-you-just-tell-me-that?”. His dad kills himself and he leaves his son a letter that advocates being lazy and absent?

“The second I read those two sentences, I understood.” The grin was wiped clearly off. The sun’s rays seeped into the room. The sky was a mixture of purple and pink hues. Combined with my friend’s blue eyes, it seemed he was projecting his soul onto me.

“You see, they are a million decisions that led up to this moment. The universe decided for me to be in a world where my father is dead.” He emphasized every single word. He did not let me object.

“And so, I know there is a place where my father is still alive. A million of other places. ” The sun was getting stronger. His father’s wooden carvings  casted shadows over the desk. The letter succumbed to shade.

“So I will do nothing in this life. I will not take any decisions that will benefit or hurt anyone.” He smiled. He truly believed what he was saying. I looked at the door. I nodded to the nurse.

She opened the door for me. I let go of the paper and bid my friend farewell. The door closed behind me, clicks signaled the complexity of the locking mechanism used.

“Maybe, he isn’t so fucked up.” I whispered under my breath. His father died, but elsewhere he was alive. In this universe, he is a son of a dead father. In another, his father embraces him. He choses to live in a world where he could not make any choices, rather, he wished to experience them out of pure odds.


Giving Thanks.

Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines.

The boy rolled up his prayer rug. He lightly placed it through his arm pit. His ribs were stabbing out. He was starving. Sand slowly slithered through the cracks in the wall. He took a step forward, glass screeched as he made his way to his ash covered bed. He sat down on the metal skeleton of the bed. His frail hands and legs were no larger than the remains he sat on top  A huge explosion erupted in the distance, the ash withered in the room. Sand crumbled from the roof. His brother’s body turned over to face him. He unrolled his rug and got to his knees, small shards of glass crushing his bones. Another explosion ruptured, he fell forwards. He shielded his eyes, he wasn’t sure if this was all real anymore. The world was never able to stay perfectly in focus. His brother’s body was slouched the opposite direction.


He smiled and whispered another prayer.


Sleeping In


Imagine not being able to sleep. Your body  relentlessly attempts to force you to shut your eyes. But what if you don’t want to sleep, in fear of not being able to dream.  Where would guidance come from? You sank so low that being stuck between dreaming and reality is a sense of accomplishment. The teacher suffered from such a disease. Wandering the silent hallways of his home, stopping at the kitchen to stare blankly at the fridge. Maybe something had magically appeared inside since the last time he checked it. He stared blankly, his eyes felt heavy. Black and blue hues encircled his eye socket, he could no longer focus clearly. His body was degrading, once a marathon runner, he now could barely walk up the stairs without feeling breathless.

He didn’t know what was happening to him, it was a mix of depression and the consequence when one abuses living. Even his sibling’s deaths had not pushed him to such a state. At least they were dead, he was wandering through life without living. Shackled to a prison with no walls and no cells.

Waking up in the afternoon, sitting down on the same old white desk as the unwavering black eyes of his students gazed at him. How could he offer advice? How could he be a beacon of hope for potential people.

Arriving back home, not paying attention to his own children, his wife was lightly pushed aside as she came to hug him. He was walking to his room but it seemed more of a crawl. His hands flailed in front of him, he couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to lie on his bed and be certain of one thing. That he was in fact lying down.

He was well educated, knew a little too much. Information caused him to analyze everything. He shut his eyes, existence rushed through it. Matter rushed through it. Every single piece of information that he had ever set his eyes on materialized in his brain. How does God do this?



Birds of Passage

I haven’t created or, shall I say, transferred stories in over five years. I recently felt the need to write about the status quo and how abrupt change is dealt with.

 “We’re almost there” said Robin to Jay as they paced closer to camp.
Their legs were trembling in unison to the chirping of the crickets. The trees were providing a canopy – letting only small glimmers of light through. A crack suddenly halted the calm ambience of the wild life in the forest. Robin stopped and clenched Jay’s arm.
“Did you hear that?” Robin said with a sudden gasp.
It seemed they were bound for trouble. Months ago, it was pleasant; they were just two cousins wandering into the Forest. It was frowned upon to go out unaccompanied by a mistress. Having a mistress was the normal thing to do, but Jay and Robin were anything but normal. They never liked the idea of working in the mines with the other men. They never liked to play sports. They spent their childhoods fondling through their mother’s drawers. Jay was tall with big blue eyes and a slightly crooked nose. He would often decline a warm invitation from the myriad of mistresses that patrolled the streets. It didn’t make sense. Robin had the same reaction – he would shake his stout head and head the other direction carrying his small frame with him. They were told they were two different people – suited for different tasks. Jay was supposed to be a mechanic, his height proved perfect for reaching and fixing the big mining equipment. Robin was born to hold a pickaxe and break apart rocks.
The boys had met up, right before their graduation through the Academy – they met in the bathrooms. Jay had told Robin he had something important to tell him.
“Listen Rob, Superior Adama scares the hell out of me. She’s going to hand us our tools and send us to two different mines, I’m sure of it” whispered Jay through the bathroom stall.
“Yeah probably – we need to run cousin – let’s go to my brother’s camp. It’s about an hour trek from here” answered Jay.
It seemed like a good idea – they would ditch the graduation and never come back. Adama – with her muscular arms would never be able to catch them.
“They’ll send the dogs after us” said Jay in a bland tone.
He knew that they would be chased – he knew that the mistresses would be after them. Sure it was an hour away but they won’t ever have a moment of peace. The mistresses were bred to chase criminals and degenerates. They had two other important tasks; to manage the town and keep the men happy. The miners had one sole goal – to work in order that the mistresses had enough resources to keep the town running.
“Let’s just go – I don’t like the mistresses. As long as we’re together, everything will be fine” said Robin as he opened the bathroom stall.
He handed Jay his backpack and they went on their way. They snuck through the Academy and climbed over the fence that separated them from the Forest.  They ran for the first twenty minutes in hope that they would lose any potential followers. They came across a statue that was in the middle of a bog. It had slime splattered all across it and pieces missing.
“That’s two men hugging, Jay” said Robin in astonishment.
Both were dumbfounded – they didn’t feel tired all of a sudden.
They looked at each other and smiled.  “Let’s go for a swim, Rob.”
Holding hands they both entered the water – the plants sticking to their naked skin. They awoke hours later and prepared to head out again. They regained their sense of direction and headed off. They heard the distant sound of mining equipment shattering rocks. They were close to the camp and then a crack. Another followed suite and they found themselves surrounded by a group of 5 women wearing white gowns and veils filled with lace. They were holding stones that resembled the same color of the statue.
“What you have done is an aberration. It is a crime against yourselves and your society” hissed one of them.
They had found out – they had seen them at the statue. There was no escape – Jay and Robin looked into each other’s desperate eyes. Stones were flung. The forest fell silent.