Enough of Love.

Enough of love. Cut the flow. How about talking about the realization of love. I have come to understand that we talk about love in order to try to better understand our internal feelings. We love this, we love that, we attribute a sense of attachment and compassion towards it. Is it any way to live your life? To feel the heart pulsate and attract itself to a feeling of unity towards an object or a person? Well, I love love. I love it so much. Interesting on how I defined it as a methodical and boring theory. As an end to a miscommunication between brain and heart. That’s what love is. A clear distortion. An unresponsive mind that doesn’t seem to understand why this human being, which has been programmed to eat, sleep, reproduce, has an attachment. Attachment, it sounds so simple. Try the sacrifice of self-preservation. Above all us, we thrive in environments in order to survive. However, true love, real love is the unconditional support of a partner, or object. Some people love objects, but let’s not talk about that. Sure, I defined love. People will tell you in order to fully understand it, you must feel it. You would think it was enough knowing that your brain was shutting down, now it’s a physical impact. The body reacting to the mind’s numbness. All this explanation seems logical, but what if there’s more. What if those moments of impact, evolve. What if love, turns into something greater. It becomes obsession, people’s greatest fears. The result could be disastrous. It could also evolve, into the far extreme of laziness. Love can turn into comfort. It can turn into a monotone reason for people. A safety net. However, when the scale tips, when there is an epiphany. I think there’s another level, only so few can attain. Forget the traditional definition, forgo any preconceived notions. Forget the very word love. I have found it. The same impact of first love. The sweetest nectar. Everyone cherishes the first bite. The consistent flow of love is found in this new word I try to pinpoint. Maybe even create.  To recap in a scientifically manner, this new feeling I have discovered has the same attributes of seeing for the first time, of watching for the first time. When one has entered this state, they shape shift constantly. In constant movement, on one’s toes consistently. This new attachment is freedom. It is not constrained by a definition. The very word itself does not even deserve to point towards it. Free love? Freedom? I’ll tell you what it feels like. A sunset coupled with a sunrise. The moments before the rays break or fade. It is wanting to living life to the point of tears. Crying because you are so happy, crying because you are so miserable. But also moving, forwards, backwards, it doesn’t matter. Love like life, is movement. And you know what’s the great thing? Unlike traditional love, that peaks at some point or falls, or even rises all the time. It does not stay stable. It rushes, it crashes, and it seeps slowly. Take a while, try to understand. Because with freedom, your brain is working, and your heart is soaring. It therefore seems easier to understand. In the end, the evolution of a new form of love – one that we are not fully capable to comprehend – boils down to the idea that: we share it with another free being. It is the natural communication that helps it reach a place where very few have ventured.



Is it possible, that my soul expects the inevitable disappointment of life? Living so fully, extending my arms to any bits of information that may enrich me has ended up decaying the space between my ribs. I question the very existence of my being, dive head first into the abyss of understanding, when do I not have time to experience? The bitter resentment and cadence of life has swung into full motion. My hair has not even turned grey and I look into the past. I understand that decisions must be made, I understand that the present matters, but I feel like I keep on hitting rewind on that favorite record. I keep on forgetting to tie my shoe laces. I know where the loop ends. I’m sure I know where love comes from. Love is not Hollywood. I managed to overcome stereotypes and fallacies every day, a great boyish smirk follows. But what now, after all is said and done, that I’ve found my Mecca, my Wall. The moments leading up to the self-discovery of my path, does it not make me shed a tear? I know full well that the logical path that previous elders have talked about is upon me. But, I am an elder, yet my hair is black. I can jump, I’m not in a wheel chair. Why was I cursed by being literate? Why did you make me love life so much that I have to live  the rest in a circuit? Instill ignorance into me, it’s not too late. Tell me the speech that every man has to hear. Make sure that women don’t hear it. Abstraction doesn’t exist. It’s all in front of us, live with the beast. The beast machine we call our minds. I can’t recall what made me think this but thus far, I agree with myself. I have learned to love myself and others, why won’t my bones rot all ready? Make me live up until that fleeting moment, when the sun barely broke through the purple waters. When that wind froze my neck up on that mountain I conquered. Keep me in a different type of machine, where I can smile and glorify other creations that have nothing to do with me.


How to Pick Up a Freshman in College

  Guys and Girls, you have all been in this situation. You’re dying to go talk to this girl or guy; hopefully exchange numbers and some saliva (don’t deny it.). Well, unfortunately for you, statistics are against you. I’m guessing if you’re reading this you’re the 95% of Men or Women who have confidence issues. Yes girls, guys also have confidence issues. Well, I have great news for whoever is reading this. In life, when you’re handed lemons; you make a Lemon Drop Martini (helps you get cozy and comfortable too!). This time the lemons are your stature. This article is mainly aimed at sophomores or freshmen that know their way around and have that natural killer instinct.  You see having experience on your side is a wildcard in breaking the ice.  Here a few phrases to use when approaching a freshman – remember look confident!

1) You know the school better than anyone else! Go up to the girl/guy and whisper:

“I know this place pretty well; I can find a pretty quiet spot for both of us.” Make sure to wink, it always sells the product better. This should make them laugh, if not, get ready for a nice playful slap that will give you a one-way ticket to the Nurse’s office.

2) After suffering from endless classes with different teachers, you pretty much know how they organize their courses. Ideally, you want to approach someone from the same class or who has had the same teacher as you in the past. Go up to them and say with a big smile on your face: “That teacher always ends class early; we can take advantage of the spare time.”

Once again, tread lightly the goal is to create a reaction. They have to laugh about it, but for people who like to get right to business, I ask:  Why not?

3)  The next one applies to everyone. As College students, 95% of us are concerned with our studies and always complain about our marks. So now let’s say you have broken the ice and you ask for their number and they reply by stating they are not available. Well easy, the dialogue should look like this:

X: “So, let’s exchange numbers and go out sometimes.”

Y: “Sorry, I don’t think my boyfriend/girlfriend would appreciate that.”

X: “I have a Calculus test tomorrow.”

Y: “What are you talking about?!”

X: “Oh sorry, I just thought we were naming things we could cheat on.”

4) The Gym is as very important spot at a College/University and before graduating most people are bound to enter it once or twice. Go up to someone who seems like they need some help and ask them. “I’m pretty sure sex is a great alternative. I can definitely help you out.”

This is foolproof (not really). Go for it, don’t be scared. Confidence is the best pickup line booster.

You have now been armed with little tips and tricks. Remember: with great power comes great responsibility. Good luck and have fun.